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The Academy of Physicians in Wound Healing is making the final touches on the APWH Prescribers Advanced Wound Management Course. This comprehensive online course is designed for prescribing healthcare professionals seeking to deepen their knowledge and skills in wound healing. The course is a blend of theory, practical application, and the latest advancements in wound healing technologies.

Led by a team of highly experienced, renowned experts in wound care, this course covers a wide spectrum of topics essential for managing complex wounds effectively. Participants will explore in-depth concepts including wound assessment, etiology, classification, and evidence-based treatment modalities.

Through engaging lectures, case studies, and quick assessments, the student will gain proficiency in various wound care techniques such as wound debridement, dressing selection, offloading strategies, and advanced wound closure methods. Furthermore, participants will learn about integrating adjunctive therapies like negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), and bioengineered skin substitutes into wound management protocols.

This course emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to wound care, acknowledging the collaborative efforts required among healthcare professionals including physicians, nurses, physical therapists, and wound care specialists. Participants will develop the skills necessary to lead interdisciplinary wound care teams, optimize patient outcomes, and mitigate complications associated with chronic wounds.

Key Highlights:

  • Comprehensive coverage of wound assessment, classification, and treatment
  • Exploration of advanced wound healing modalities and technologies
  • Integration of evidence-based practices into clinical decision-making
  • Emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration and team-based care

Key Topics:

Diabetic Wounds

Skin Tears

Medical Device Pressure Injuries

Tissue Load Management

Nutrition in Wound Healing

Wound Adjunctive Modalities

Pressure Injury Staging

Wound Assessment: Location, Layers, Drainage

Products Topical Antimicrobials

Wound Bed Preparation

Products Topical Wound Management

Wound Healing

Products Moisturizers Protectants Barriers Sealants

Wound Infection

Professional Development

Wound Infection Diagnostics and Management

Skin Anatomy and Physiology

Wound Infection Bacterial Fungi Viruses

Skin Assessment


Diabetic Wounds

Wound Other and Atypical

 Upon completing the course, participants may register for CMET certification. Take the next step and apply for certification. Candidates interested in Physician Certification or Prescribing Authority NP/PA Certification are welcome to visit the credentialing board, CMET Council for Medical Education and Testing.


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