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Membership Eligibility

Membership Eligibility

Grandfathering is now available for APWH. Physicians (MD, DO, DPM) who are fellows or associates of other organizations in wound care can now join APWH and transfer their same designation or credential. In addition, Nurse Practitioners (NP) and Physician Assistants (PA) who practice wound healing are welcome to join as affiliate members.  There is no other testing or requirement for this courtesy while grandfathering is open. Join today while open enrollment is in place.


Fellow Certified (FAPWHc)
Physicians certified by the Council for Medical Education and Testing

Fellow (FAPWH)
All physicians who had been a Fellow in a prior wound care medical organization and joined during open enrollment

Associate (AAPWH)
Physicians who are not certified by the Council of Medical Education and Testing

Nurse Practitioners (APWH-NP)
Nurse Practitioners who practice wound healing

Physicians Assistants (APWH-PA)
Physician Assistants who practice wound healing

Industry Member (IAPWH)
Any member who is a representative of or affiliated with industry. Benefits include networking, staying informed of APWH news and activities and providing support for the Academy.

A member who is a resident in training or a student of a physician or podiatric medical school