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APWH, the Academy of Physicians in Wound Healing, originally formed in 2011 specifically for physicians (MD,DO,DPM) now includes advanced practice providers (Nurse Practitioners-NP and Physician Assistants-PA).

The Academy provides: clinical education that focuses on diagnosis and management of the disease as well treating the wound. It also offers advocacy and representation on issues dealing with healthcare delivery, compensation and allowance of covered services, and is intended to have legislative action on healthcare issues. While other medical professions have had the benefit of field-specific organizations to address their needs, it is our belief that physicians and physician extenders have been at a disadvantage in this regard.

The Academy objectives are for healthcare providers to deliver the very best care possible to patients. MP/PA involvement in our educational programming is an important aspect in achieving that objective.

APWH is open to all prescribing physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants (MD, DO, DPM, NP and PA).

Lastly, while the APWH faces many domestic challenges, there is no doubt that wound related health issues are a worldwide concern. The Academy welcomes our international colleagues to join from around the globe.

Certification in wound healing

APWH physicians that are certified in wound care by the Council for Medical Education and Testing (CMET) are granted the ability to add a “c” to the back of their FAPWH pneumonic to read, John Doe, MD, FAPWHc. They are designated as certified Fellows.

APWH certifies Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants in wound healing. They are recognized as Diplomates in the academy DAPWHc with their signature sign off. EG: John Doe, NP, DAPWHc.


Podiatry Management published an article by founding fellow, Dr. James McGuire, provides his personal viewpoint on how to review the various wound care membership organizations and how to choose which is most appropriate for wound healing physicians.  In addition, he discusses the importance of choosing the best wound healing certification available for the physician.

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