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A Message from Dr. Bob Bartlett, President APWH

To:    APWH membership

I am pleased and honored to be offered the opportunity to serve as president for the Academy of Physicians in Wound Healing. First and foremost, I want to acknowledge and thank Paul Glat, MD, FAPWH as he retires from serving as president of this organization. Working with Steve Kravitz, DPM, FAPWHc our Executive Director, Paul’s contributions helped this Academy transition from a concept to a vibrant community of professionals.

Organizationally, wound care is a complex space. However, the Academy is unique as it is the only organization committed to advancing physician issues. Historically, we are indebted to the many nurses who advanced this area of medicine. However, the sophistication of the science, the complexity of procedures, and the cost of care requires a passage of the baton to physicians to extend the horizons of care. Physicians who are driven by a similar commitment to salvage limbs, lives, and generate new tissue and new science!

In the era of accountable care, the Academy holds itself accountable for advancing appropriate and cost-effective legislation – balancing the costs of payer, providers, and patients alike. I am looking forward to greater legislative involvement through the “physician on the floor” initiative. This Academy driven initiative provides invaluable guidance for intelligent policy formation by legislators and payers.

As a “knowledge engineer” I am an advocate of collective intelligence and will maintain an “open-door” policy through the Academy. The same is true for our Executive Director Dr. Kravitz who is entrusted with the daily operational responsibility of the Academy. Feel free to contact either of us at , which allows staff to monitor if and when we may not be available. On behalf of the organization, we are here to advance the field and serve you, the membership.

Best wishes for the New Year.
Robert Bartlett, MD, CPE, UHM, FAPWHc;
President APWH