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The best gay dating app: How to find love online as a gay person

Pick the best gay dating app to meet a partner

Finding love is a subtle art, and it’s even more complicated when you’re a gay person who’s looking for something deep and full of commitment. Flashy dates, hookups and one-night stands can be fun for a while - but later most gay people feel that they need to have something more stable and emotional in their lives. Partners who can support and inspire you, who can make your house feel like home, and who can make your life fuller - that’s what most gay people want when you start looking for gay dating apps. And it’s the right place to look for good relationships: if you manage to select the best gay dating app for you, then you can save lots of time and effort and meet someone who’s actually worth it.

The number of gay dating apps grows constantly - in times when almost everyone has a smartphone and internet access it’s a huge market, and it’s a huge number of opportunities for everyone looking for love. While different people have different preferences and needs, it’s impossible to pick the best gay app that can suit everyone and make everyone happy - so users can choose what they like the most. Some gay singles want an element of random, so they can meet more diverse and exciting people online, while others want partners who strictly suit their preferences - and there’s usually at least one gay dating app that provides the features and instruments that a person requires. Therefore, we can’t name just one gay dating app you should download - instead, we can provide you the list of the most effective, popular, and successful dating platforms to look through.

So, what services you should try?


One of the oldest gay services and also number one of the most famous dating apps for gay men is Adam4Adam - the platform that has already helped lots of men to find lovers, partners, and friends. The service is one of the first places online where gay men started to feel free and safe, so even many years ago the service has a good reputation and lots of unique visitors. You can try it via your computer or smartphone, and the whole service is dedicated exclusively to gay men - so there are no misconceptions or awkward situations. The bad sides? Users of this service claim that you should be careful while chatting to attractive singles you meet there - some of them can be fake, so ask lots of creative questions to avoid bots and attract actually interesting and suitable relationship partners.


If you’re a modern person who loves lots of new features, opportunities, and functions, then you might like Zoosk - a pretty new platform, that is created for younger singles in the first place. It’s not an exclusively gay men app, but it’s perfectly suitable and safe for gay dating. The service is made for singles looking for affection and commitment, but it helps users to come across potential partners through a gamified searching process - that might feel a bit strange at first, but you’ll get used to it. If you require serious relationships but don’t want to take the searching too seriously, then the gay men dating app can become a nice opportunity for you to come across someone really special.


As the name says, this is a lesbian dating service made for single gay women looking for love. There are much fewer apps for gay ladies to use, but this one can actually help - especially for women who live in pretty huge cities, because the service isn’t that effective for women from small towns. The service can be not the best gay app ever, but it’s effective and exclusive to lesbian love - and lots of women appreciate it, because it helps to find like-minded women and long-term partners as well. The only thing you should know that the service isn’t exactly friendly towards bisexuals: for most users, bisexual partners are potentially dangerous and suspicious, because “they can eventually go back to heterosexual love” - and this lack of confidence sometimes leads to unpleasant situations.

Try mathematical approach with eHarmony

Not all the best apps for gay dating are actually made exclusively for gay people - for most, it’s more effective and pleasant to use regular dating apps that are friendly towards LGBT singles, because it’s inclusive, tolerant, and progressive. Also, services with lots of unique visitors and active users tend to grow popularity faster - so both gay and straight singles have more chances to meet conenction love there. One of the services made for everyone is eHarmony - a famous dating platform that uses math and psychology to help you find real love. It’s one of the gay apps for men tired of short-term romances, but are invested into something deeper - if you need a guy who can become a real companion and a friend for you, who has many similar interests, goals, and values, then this service can suit you. On the other hand, this platform has the same disease as most of the “psychology-oriented” dating services - lots of locals lie quite a lot while describing themselves, simply because they want to appear bigger than they are online, so be careful.

Have you heard about Grindr?

It’s pretty surprising to see this service in the list of gay men dating apps for serious love, isn’t it? Grindr is a popular gay guys app that is mostly dedicated to “quick love” and short-term romances, but it doesn’t always mean that you can’t meet love there - you surely can, though it might take a while. The best advantage of the service is a huge number of single gay men using it daily: the service is claimed to be a number one in the USA and some other countries, so you can imagine how many potential partners you can find there. The issues of this service include transphobia, racism and sometimes even internalized homophobia - a weird thing when gay guys who are aware of their sexual orientation still want to distance themselves from “gay things” and stereotypes about homosexuality, or bully more feminine gay men. Of course, it’s not the service that creates the problem - but the number of people using it is huge, so you can meet lots of different people online.


If you’re a mature gay person who’s looking for a partnership or friendship, or simply gay friends for communication, then this is a perfect service for you. Many older gay guys need understanding and support of other gay people, and it’s often hard for them to find them in real life: lots of people remember the times when the society wasn’t that tolerant for homosexuality, so they had to hide their preferences and nature from others, but now they can actually be free and express themselves the way they want. This platform can help you meet like-minded individuals, so you won’t feel lonely anymore - at least online: the service’s user list isn’t too big, so men living in small towns might find it hard to find local gay men there.


The name of this service says it all - if you’re looking for high-quality dating with accomplished and ambitious partners, then you can find them there. When looking for commited and long-term love stories, lots of people require partners who have close levels of education, careers, income, and other things that can influence their future life together, and EliteSingles knows it. It’s not a special gay site - but it allows gays to look for suitable partners safely, and it makes sure that all partners you can find there are into high-quality relationships - just as you do. Of course, the service that is dedicated to elite dating makes sure that it attracts only those users who can afford it - it’s not that cheap. Also, the locals are sometimes way too condescending and up to themselves - so if you’re not like that, then it might be hard for you to fit in.


If you prefer more masculine and “beary” type of men, or if you’re a manly and bearded guy yourself, then you can try Scruff - a service dedicated to rough gay romance. The name says almost everything you need to know about the service - so let’s add that it also has many useful features like private nude albums, special location-based dating, “likes” (named “woofs”, but that’s another thing), and more. For lots of gay men, it can actually be a fun experience to enjoy for a while - but it’s not a service for everyone because it’s dedicated to a very certain type of appearance and physique, so a feminine gay man can feel awkward or unsafe there.


This service is well-known to most gays from the USA and abroad - it’s present in many countries, and it has already helped many gay singles to find sex and love. It’s not exactly a place to find long-term love, though: its reputation as a hookup site often repels guys looking for something more, but you always have a chance to meet a special guy who still believes in love - even on Hornet. A good thing is that its popularity can increase your chances to come across lots of attractive gay men in a shorter period of time, a bad thing is that most of them only need sex - so make sure that your profile makes your intentions clear to everyone.

Being a service dedicated to online dating, isn’t exclusively for gay men - but its popularity and a huge number of active users from many countries increase your chances to meet a decent partner a lot. The platform has many advances and convenient features, including smart searching system, gifts, video calls, and many others - so it’s a good opportunity for both people who want to meet their online partners in real life as soon as possible, and also people who prefer to learn more about their potential partners and communicate with them online for a while. The service is open-minded and tolerant, and its “mutual-like” system protects users from any potential aggression or intolerance from non-gay users - so you can feel safe there, and avoid heterosexual users completely while enjoying high-quality gay dating online.

Select the most suitable and convenient platform for you and start your online dating adventure - and it’ll definitely lead you to the best love story of your life!