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Response to American Diabetes Association on HBO

On August 4, 2017, APWH sent a letter under the signature of APWH President Dr. Robert Bartlett to the American Diabetes Association’s Board of Directors in response to new guidelines that propose to limit hyperbaric oxygen services, and in some instances therapies that have proven to be effective. Dr. Bartlett’s letter stated that, ”Recommendations to use, or not use a therapy, should be based on the trade-offs between desirable consequences of following a recommendation on the one hand, and undesirable consequences on the other…”  His concluding remarks were to, “ask the ADA to consider using the contemporary GRADE methodology adopted by other professional societies. From a collegial perspective you should also provide a complete disclosure of your supporting arguments/rationale for your conclusions and recommendations. … On behalf of those patients with diabetes, thank you again for the work you do.”

To read the ADA response letter, click here.