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About APWH

APWH, the Academy of Physicians in Wound Healing, originally formed in 2011 specifically for physicians (MD,DO,DPM) now includes advanced practice providers (Nurse Practitioners-NP and Physician Assistants-PA). The organization provides information and support in three subject areas: clinical and operations-focused education, compensation advocacy, and legislative action on healthcare issues.  While nurses have had the benefit of nursing-specific organizations to address the needs of the nursing profession, it is our belief that physicians and advanced practice providers have been at a disadvantage in this regard. Additionally, the organization provides this information specifically to providers that are responsible for diagnosis and management of patient care which defines the demographic of our membership. 

Educational programming is specifically designed for diagnosis and management of patient care to best identify the etiology, determine treatment regimen, a system to follow outcomes and coordinate the clinical treatment with aspects for organizational and business efficiency.

Physicians and their colleagues(advanced practice providers) require a venue to express their main concerns for wound care as a unified body to key decision makers in CMS, the general insurance industry and all related government agencies that deal with policy involved with healthcare delivery.  This has been somewhat fragmented due to the fact that there are many organizations available in wound care.  In the past, several organizations have provided differential testimony and/or opinion to decision makers involved with policy.  A main agenda of the APWH is to finally bring the concerns of our members, clearly articulated to these policy makers.  The Academy intends to become a leading resource for the policy makers so they can obtain information that helps drive best practice which includes reimbursement levels that allow for same.

There has been no time in recent memory when an organization such as the APWH was more needed. Blind decision making by policy makers is something all players try to avoid.  The APWH is positioned to become a major resource to provide education so that policy makers have an opportunity to make decisions that will allow the best care to decrease morbidity, increase the quality of life to patients, while decreasing the overall costs of healthcare delivery.


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